Multimedia Oh My!

We have talked about many different options of technologies to use within the classroom, but what about multimedia. What is multimedia? Why do teachers use it? The basic definition of multimedia is simple; multimedia is to combine multiple types of media according to For example, videos are an excellent form of multimedia. It incorporates both sound and visual aspects in order to express ideas. By using both sound and visual aspects, it allows the students to be engaged in the content and it encourages thinking.

There are several reasons why the education community is using multimedia. For starters, multimedia allows students to demonstrate prior knowledge and to express creativity. It is vital for students to be able to create their own design and express ideas, rather than obtaining it from outside sources. Some multimedia technologies that teachers may do to accomplish this goal is by incorporating movie making or making podcasts to a lesson. In addition, teachers can create videos and podcasts to also provide lessons.

Multimedia is an important part of technology. It has been incorporated in classrooms for decades and it will continue to help enhance student learning. It is a popular tool, among others, for teachers to use. Many teachers use multimedia in several different ways such as movies, podcasts, and music. After learning more about multimedia, I am positive that I will use it in my future classroom.


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