Super Digital Citizen

In my past blog posts I have written a lot about incorporating technology into the classroom. Not only is technology in students lives in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. Students are surrounded by technology and it is important for them to learn what it means to be good digital citizens. In a short video from the teaching channel, Mr. Pane, who is an elementary teacher, teaches a lesson on digital citizenship to his students. Mr. Pane begins by saying a quote from spider man “With great power, comes great responsibility,” in order to draw the attention of his students. This quote leads into the lesson plan about having the power to use the internet but to use it wisely. Mr. Pane uses a program that allows students to create superheroes. The students were then tasked with the activity to create their own superheroes and a comic demonstrating good digital citizenship.This lesson was very successful and I think it is a great way to incorporate fun into a serious matter. In this day in age, it is extremely important for students to learn how to be a good digital citizenship early on in their lives. Mr. Pane’s lesson was a great way to explain the topic in a way that the students will truly comprehend.



One thought on “Super Digital Citizen

  1. wenzelm says:

    It is never too early to start teaching students about digital citizenship. Hopefully this lesson will stick with you into your own classroom teachings. His use of gallery walks is also a useful classroom strategy.

    My only critique for this one would be to urge to you add a few more hyperlinks to evidence or other resources that you may come across that are connected to your topic- that will ensure this post is even more helpful to you down the road when you have your own classroom. Are there any other resources that you came across (either in class or on your own) connected to the topic that you think would be useful?


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