The Effective Presentation

In recent discussions of maximizing technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been on what is the better method of giving a presentation, slides full of text, or slides with only one key idea. On the one hand some argue that it is important for students to get the most information they can from a presentation in order to take detailed notes. From this perspective, teachers strongly defend the traditional way of giving a presentation by using powerpoint and designing the slides to have as much information as possible. By using this method, teachers believe the students will be able to take detailed notes to study. On the other hand, however, others argue that it is more important for the student to retain the information from the teacher and not the slides. According to this view, students are not able to fully understand the topic if they are strictly copying the information word for word. Thus, this view believes that the best way to give a presentation is to create simple slides with one topic and less text. This allows the students to concentrate on the teacher in stead. In sum then, the issue at hand is whether the best way to give a presentation, in order for the student to fully comprehend the topic, is to create slides with bulleted text or with pictures and less text.

My own view is that it is better to give a presentation with less words and more pictures so that the student is able to hear and understand the full idea. Often when the student is copying the bulleted text, the student is to focused on the text to hear the teacher. Though I concede that the idea of text is important in order to take detailed notes to review, I still maintain that it is more productive for teachers to give simpler presentations. Some may argue that a simple presentation will not allow the student to remember the information, however, if the teacher were to give students sentences with missing words from the key ideas, then the student will need to attentively listen to the presentation in order to complete the activity. This issue is important because students are showing that they are bored from the traditional powerpoint presentation and are not able to retain the information. It is important for teachers to find a way to present information that the students will fully retain, and a simple powerpoint just maybe the answer.



One thought on “The Effective Presentation

  1. wenzelm says:

    Your Pecha Kucha will give you an opportunity to practice these skills. Looking forward to it.

    Any resources or evidence you would like to link to in this post?


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