Show n Tell; Teacher Tools



Learning A-Z

Literacy and comprehension using Gamification.

Interactive games to help teach kids to read and spell, can be expensive if the district does not provide it. Suggest to use it in a teacher group to have more control and less self reign.

Practice Anatomy 3.0

Middle and high Biology and Anatomy classes

Lab study of human anatomy that allows students to interact using technology. Uses pictures of Cadavers to study the human anatomy. Provides quizzes and explorative pictures to explore different cadavers and fetal pigs and cat dissection.

Search Engines; how to get the full potential infographic get more out of google

3rd through 12th Grades

How to use google in order to get the best results and to search for specific topics.

Google apps and sites for education

Google Classroom similar to moodle

Create a class on google to give out assignments and announcements and different topics and questions. Add youtube, google drive documents. As a teacher, able to manage multiple classrooms. Virtual Grade book. Useful to create a digital classroom. students can use the online classroom to give homework and turn in assignments. Parents can also see what you are doing. For elementary target it towards parents to incorporate parents and promote learning at home. Able to get parents involved. Based on gmail.

Class Dojo

an app available on IOS or android

behavioral and class room management

Communication to parents and is free. able to add feedback, similar to badges. For example, Kind Words or good team work. Able to give each badge a point value. In addition, badges to give for needs work. Parents are able to see how students are doing, and an easy way to manage classroom behavior. Able to see reports on each student and add notes.

Class story is similar to an instagram feed and only people who have access can view the class story.

Dojo allows teachers, and parents to track their students behavior and promote good behavior. Also dojo allows you to track attendance.


Free for any grade

Able to create quizzes or discussion, or survey. Game quizzes are set up to be fun and interactive.


Game to help learn math. It is adventure base game that works on speed and knowledge of math.

Free version or schools can buy it.

Designed for iPads, and teachers can look at the progress of each student.

Ed Tech Teacher

For newer teachers to help learn how to incorporate technology into the classroom. They give recommendations for apps you can use in your classroom. Ed Tech was designed by former teachers and created by them. They provide a newsletter and summer workshops to help teachers learn new ideas.


Connects apps and programs together to get all of the notifications in one places. Students and teachers have access, but parents get a spectator view. It provides a calendar that shows all your assignments for all your class. Also has a gradebook.

Geography App Brainscape

Glorified flashcards. Iphones and ipads

Teachers are able to buy different levels, and add students to it.


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