Navigating The Digital World

In recent discussions of technology in the classroom, a controversial issue of “information literacy” has arisen. The concept of information literacy is the idea that people can read information and determine if it is accurate or false. The saying “don’t believe everything you see on the internet” is referring to being literate when using technologies, such as the internet. It is important as teachers and parents to teach students the skills necessary in order to become information literate. In most classrooms, technology is abundant and often the internet is a go to technological tool. Even at home, many students have access to the internet at all times. We have already established that students will be in contact with the internet; the issue is how do we teach students to be information literate? A website called Common Sense Education, provides lesson plans to teachers in order to promote healthy use of the internet. This website give lesson plans for all grade levels and it stresses the importance of information literacy. 

My view is that teachers and parents are able to teach students to be information literate by teaching them to be more critical thinkers. We can promote critical thinking by conducting activities to help students think about the information presented to them. The internet can be a dangerous technology and we can be fooled at times. Teaching children, who are constantly around the internet, to be literate and critical thinkers of the information or the things they see on the internet is important in order to receive accurate information. Another issue that arises with this topic is whether or not we as teachers can really prepare students to be effective users of the internet. In my opinion, I do not think we can teach students to be fully capable of digital and information literacy. We can prepare them the best we can, and with the help of parents we can be even more effective in teaching them to be critical thinkers.


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